Here it is, March already, almost Easter and I haven't updated my website since last October. My bad. Life and gigs and dawgs and Mum keep me running all the time, but especially from October into the New Year, which I spent in bed with the flu. Yes, friends, that's how last year ended and this year began, rather sadly, but the good news is I was only sick for a week and thanks to the wonderful folks where I live, our little Paco didn't want for a walk.

In Novemeber, my Mum Betty played the Orpheum for their 90th birthday celebration. Tiny girl that she is, played that big ol' Wurlitzer pipe organ beautifully and was then inducted into the BC Entertainment Hall of Fame. I couldn't have been more proud. I really do not know how she played that organ though. I gave it a try and every note on the keyboeard and the pedals was delayed. I liken it to what it must be like to drive a 747. Big and slow!

At any rate, it is Springtime and thank the Lord for that. I almost bought a wet suit and flippers this Winter for the doggie walks, so much rain! Thanks for checking in and I will do better updating my gigs.