Linda Kidder Bio

Linda Kidder - Musician/Singer/Songwriter/Actor
photo Dee Lippingwell

     Remember the Ed Sullivan Show and the guy running around keeping all the plates spinning on the tall sticks? Well, that'll give you an idea of Linda Kidder's many career projects! Linda's passion for her work is evident in all her endeavors and performances. As songwriter, engineer, producer, on her own material, Linda has recently released the first of many Home Recordings, with For My Darling Betty, Volume 1, now available.

     This July 2013 found Linda performing at Granville Island's Revue Stage with Cruisin' with the Boomers, as part of a dynamic line-up including Vancouver's own Joani Bye, Oliver Conway, Dave Pickell, Tim Porter and Vernon's Peter Padden.

     Linda has another sideline called, A Song for You, where she writes and records personalized songs, for any kind of event or celebration, including birthdays, memorials, for people and pets!!

     And if that weren't enough, consider her life as a side musician too, singing at fabulous annual events like Motown Meltdown and Starry Night, as vocalist and bass player to many of her favorite artists including Norman Foote and Jane Mortifee.

     Linda's many character voices can be heard in live theatre productions of Max and Ruby, Toopy and Binoo and Busy Town.

     Linda has garnered three International gold and platinum records for her work with kd lang in addition to the eight wins for the CMA and BCCMA country duo of the year, with Gary Fjellgaard, a BCCMA nomination for vocalist and bass player of the year and a Juno nomination for country duo of the year.

     Her voice can be heard on studio and live recordings from kd lang, Bon Jovi to Barbie. She has toured extensively throughout Canada, the US and Europe with kd lang's Ingenue Tour, Gary Fjellgaard, opened for George Jones, shared the stage with greats like Bob Hope and Ian Tyson. in 2011, Linda was part of Margaret Atwood's reading of Year of the Flood.

     Linda has 3 solo CD's, Mom and Me, Close to Bliss and For My Darling Betty. Also, the famed Vancouver Band, Sweet Dick and more recently, The Sweetest Day, with her group AUGUST.

     Musical theatre productions include Baby Boomer Blues, Sweet and Hot, Old, New, Borrowed and Blue, Rogues and Romantics and Mr. Moon. She has written and performed the music for Coming Unbuttoned, featuring the works of poet James Broughton and most recently, graced Granville Island's Revue Stage in the fabulous Cruisin' with the Boomers.

     Linda performs wherever there are music lovers, in festivals, concerts, casinos, churches, benefits, house concerts and is coach to many young performers.

     In May 2012, Linda won the Suggested Artist Placement Award for her song, My Halo from the Song of the Year Contest.

One of Vancouver's favorites, Linda Kidder is a charismatic performer with the voice of an angel....

Proud member of VMA Local 145 and UBCP